Vahid Mohsseni

Research Assistant at IPM


Bio: Vahid Mohsseni is a BSc student in the field of Computer Engineering at Iran University of Science and Technology. He was a member of GameLab for two years and developed server for online multiplayer games. He joined DSLab in 2018 which is directed by Professor Sharifi. He spent his internship at the Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM). Currently, he is a researcher at IPM HPCLab. His consideration for pursuing his career in CS is a field among High-performance Computing, Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, or Operating Systems.

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[OCT ?? 2020] Looking for an appointment for GRE in late October.

[Sep 18 2020] ChillinWars 2020 first stage was held.

[Sep 14 2020] Operating Systems course website is UP for Fall 2020.

[Jan 11 2020] Overall 102 at Toefl iBT.

[Aug 02 2019] We released Chillin Client for JAVA programming language.

[Mar 07 2019] Successfully held final of ChillinWars AI competitions.

[Apr 09 2018] Good Day! we selected as the best Scientific Association of the university.

[Dec 23 2017] Winner of the university ACM for the second year in a row :)



By joining HPCLab at IPM, I started to experience parallel programming with CUDA. We found an approach, called Bit-Slicing, to improve the efficiency of algorithms. As a case study, we implement our method over Bit-Flipping algorithm of LDPC Codes. The gained result was approximately 240x faster than any other GPU-implemented approaches. We decided to publish our work.

Managing the problems with announcing and informing the students about the class was hard for us last year. This year, I decided to develop and maintain a website for students in the Operating Systems course to eliminate the associated problems. I tried to separate the sections of the website to have both simplicities alongside the clearness. You can check it here.

Chillin is a tool for creating Artificial Intelligence competition games made by koala team. It consists of multiple components, including server framework written in Python, two clients written in C++, Python and C#. Also, Chillin came up with a 3D monitor to spectate the games and see what's going on in the field. Recently, my colleague and I added a JAVA client version to support this programming language for competitors. ChillinWars December 2017 and ChillinWars January 2019 employed this tool to create games for AI competition.



"A High-Throughput Fully Paralleled Viterbi Algorithm Via Bitslicing" submitted to ACM Transaction of Parallel Compution (TOPC).

"BSBF: A Massively parallel Bit-Sliced Approach for Bit-Flipping Algorithm of LDPC Codes" under preparation and targeted to submit to IEEE Communication Letters.

"Intelligent Expert finding in Community Question Answering using Matrix Factorization" submitted to Student Abstract of AAAI-20 conference on Artificial Intelligence.

"A view to BitSlicing approach" on my blog. Take a look at it on Medium.

Teaching Assistant


Fall 2020

  • Operating Systems, Instructor: Prof. Sharifi [website]

Fall 2019

  • Operating Systems, Instructor: Prof. Sharifi [website]

Spring 2019

  • Advanced Topics in Software Engineering, Instructor: Dr. Minaei

Fall 2018

  • Operating Systems, Instructor: Prof. Sharifi

Spring 2018

  • Advanced Programming, Instructor: Dr. Adel Rahmani

Fall 2017

  • Data Structure, Instructor: Dr. Hossein Rahmani
  • Introduction to Programming, Instructor: Dr. Adel Rahmani

Fall 2016

  • Introduction to Programming, Instructor: Dr. Adel Rahmani





Persian native
Turkish mother tongue
English fluent


Flask, Django
Docker, Kubernetes
Tensorflow, Keras


" When was the last time you did something for the first time?

" — Anonymous